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Thanks to Bob O’Connell and the North American Stars, my daughter had the opportunity to play for the North American Stars at the Czech Challenger Cup Tournament held in the Czech Republic, August 5-11, 2013. It was a great trip and an awesome experience both educationally as well as competitively. Lots of sights to see and we learned a lot about the history of the Czech Republic. We also enjoyed playing against teams with national and Olympic players from the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Russia. The North American Stars Teams consisted of elite players from Canada and the United States. Because of this opportunity, my daughter was recruited by one of the most prestigious high schools in Canada and is currently attending 9th grade and playing ice hockey at the varsity level. Again, this was an incredible experience that led to an even bigger opportunity for my daughter.
— Ben Leong, father of Olivia Leong
It was an unreal experience that I always look back on and cherish. Getting to play the sport I love overseas is something a lot of people can’t say they did and I will forever be grateful for the opportunity.
— Talia Raquel

Partial list of NA Stars alumnae

Last Name, First Name                College/University/Occupation

Ames, Melissa                                    SUNY Plattsburgh

Aramburu, Alexa                                SUNY Oswego

Bacon, Arianna                              Thayer Academy

Ball, Devon                                     Holy Cross

Barclay, Tali

Becer, Morgan                                Chatham University

Boyles, Corrine                               Boston College

Brown, Nicole                                 Brown University

Buehler, Kara                                  Plattsburgh University

Burke, Carrie

Butler, Tian

Caldwell, Jordan                           Plattsburgh University

Campbell, Jessie

Carpenter, Alex                             Boston College, 2014 US Olympic program

Carter, Allie                                    Lake Forest College

Charron, Tori                                  Elmira College/Norwich

Cherie, Kristina                              Cushing Academy

Chivers, Kristin                               Elmira College

Clougherty, Mary Kate            

Crawford, Jenn                              SUNY Potsdam

Cubberley, Allison                         Elmira College

Dunn, Kimberly                             

Fader, Tiffany

Fardelman, Megan                        Boston College, NWHL New York Riveters

Fitzhenry, Devyn

Fraser, Natalie                                Robert Morris University

Gellerman, MK                                Elmira College

Gerein, Megan                               Nichols College

Giff, Madessa

Gillbride, Meg

Goin, Keira                                         Utica College

Goodon, Bailee                                 SUNY Oswego

Grand, Katie

Harper, Brianna

Hlinka, Janka                                      Middlebury College

Hochkins, Stacey                            Holy Cross

Hodder, Olivia                                 Brock University

Hohmann, Talia                               Nichols College

Hopps, Lauren                                New England College

Hawkins, Jaclyn                             Connecticut College

Jaiven, Hannah                               Hamilton College

Juneau, Audrey                              Canadian International Hockey Academy

Kavanagh, Courtney

Kerr, Emily

King, Jaclyn                                     Gilmour Academy

Krez, Alexandra                                  Colgate University Club

Krizova, Denisa                               Northeastern University

Larochelle, Trish

Laxton, Lyndsay                              Elmira College

Leong, Olivia

Lynch, Sara                                      Ottawa University

MacAuley, Erin

Mackrell, Mandy                              Plattsburgh University

Matthews, Kelly                              

Miller, Kimberly                                Chatham University

Meucci, Christina

Moore, Madyson                             Norwich University

Myers, Kendra                                 Grand Valley State University

Pattemore, Katie

Pietramala, Kierra                            Elmira College

Powers, Megan

Quick, Michelle                                

Ramsey, Brooklyn

Rickard, Laura                                 Nichols College

Robertson, Bailey                            Adrian College

Ryan, Kaitlyn                                    Cortland College

Scarpato, Stephanie                       Colby College

Schultz, Mackenzie

Schultz, Madalin

Sherman, Cassandra

Simpson, Brittany                            Providence College

Smith, Emily

Smith, Kaitlynn                                 Chatham University

Tessier, Celine                                 Canadian International Hockey Academy

Tierney, Brittany

Timcoe, Kyleigh

Trotter, Reba

Walker, Katy                                     Elmira College

Welk, Kaylie                                     Carleton University

Wilchewski, Chantayne                      Southern Alberta Institute of Technology

Wilson, Brenna                                SUNY Potsdam

Yeates, Natasha                               Elmira College

Young, Cassy